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Subject: I'm back
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flygirlx 31.10.12 - 09:34am
4 years away from here. 1x relationship and 2x heart attacks. Back and looking for guys into BBW *

thestiff 7.11.12 - 08:08pm
i'll do ya ;) *

ash4frnd 17.01.14 - 06:21pm
Hi bby r u on watsapp skype yahoo msnger tangoo line nimbuzz ebuddy wechat viber or kik add me +919883963456 *

di1778 16.05.15 - 07:40pm
Really young to be having heart attacks. No matter what u are into, I'm sure your health comes first. I don't mean it in a horrid way, but u will end up killing yourself sooner rather than later *

1signup2 30.06.15 - 12:10am
O I simply LOVE BBW. *

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