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Subject: Feederism contract
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11nicola 7.02.08 - 05:53pm
Hey i'm nic been a fan of feederism for a while but never done it properly. Now i'm in major debt and was wondering if anyone knew how a feeding contract works and how much i could get paid ect *

flygirlx 7.02.08 - 06:25pm
Sorry to hear about you debt but wow! You have the perfect body for erotic weight gain and you have big and big booty so you'll grow nicely. Erm you should be able to get a 5st contract at 200quid a st maybe, i would love to pay you myself but i'm skint at the mo i'll email you a few names and numbers. X x *

11nicola 9.02.08 - 10:52am
Thanks babe been really helpfull x any one here interested in feederism? *

matt.19m 10.02.08 - 12:29pm
Yer babe its my passion and its now the biggest underground fetish! I'm currently involved in several feeding contracts either solo or group. And as a result i don't have the money to sign a solo contract with you, message me if you have others interested and we can split the cost. I think flygirl has the costs about right for a girl like you x *

11nicola 10.02.08 - 01:39pm
Aw babe cancell You're other contracts, don't you wanna see my belly swell and bulge over my tight knickers as i stagger around under my own weight, stopping to eat every few mins! *

flygirlx 12.02.08 - 05:43pm
Wow nic just wow *

drtimnd 3.04.08 - 10:55pm
Hot group hot girl.. *

black23s 11.08.11 - 03:57am
Hi nicola l love big bebz to much oh plz accept me a frind. am sory f my englsh not corect thats cuz am Arabk man *

black23s 12.08.11 - 12:39am
To hom it may conceren i haf proplem in ing its that my to fat nd long it may hurts any puzy so any lady to slep with her must be fat enough to fit with my fat k*k can you help me. *

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