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Subject: Join foxy bbw
Replies: 20 Views: 3720

shell75x 2.05.08 - 11:48pm
Hey guys n gals join ths site ya could win 25pound top up on wap factor *

bill5 16.01.09 - 01:07pm
This person shell75x is a con be very carfull what u say to her dont join any of her groups *

shell75x 16.01.09 - 01:31pm
Wot eva bill grow up u pathetic old man *

simon286 17.01.09 - 09:31am
Yeah a dirty old man in every sense of the word! You need a good scrub billy boy! *

shell75x 17.01.09 - 09:39am
Thanks simon *

simon286 17.01.09 - 09:47am
How did your mate put up with him? *

shell75x 17.01.09 - 09:53am
Dnt knw she usd 2 turn he bk on hm and made excuses 4 hm nt 2 have s*x he still pesters her on the phne *

simon286 17.01.09 - 09:32pm
Excuses? I'm not surprised! Ugh what a horrible thought, with him! *

shell75x 18.01.09 - 10:06am
Yeah i knw ive met hm at tigga45 n he gves ya the creeps even ma lil boy didnt go near hm he even threatend a 73 yr old woman cause wen she answered the phne n he spoke she put the phne dwn n her otha daughter phnd hm and had a go at hm 4 it *

bill5 18.01.09 - 11:54am
Dont lie helen told me u was like a beached wale she was right a smelly one at that *

shell75x 18.01.09 - 12:06pm
Wot eva bill it u that smelt nt me was it me that got made 2 go in the bath n brush ma teeth no it was u she even had 2 wash ya clothes cause they was dirty n scruffy she even had 2 get u a decent pair of shoes *

simon286 18.01.09 - 12:59pm
What a lying c*nt! *

shell75x 18.01.09 - 09:07pm
He just pathetic old man *

simon286 20.01.09 - 11:04am
ing hell! This room STINKS! Has billy no mates been in again? HAHAHA!!!!!! *

shell75x 21.01.09 - 07:57am
Lmao @ simon *

nellybel 30.03.10 - 04:01am
hi what's up *

black23s 11.08.11 - 03:28am
Hi room any fat lady her age over 30 want boyfrnd age25 plz reply l love big fat ladys to much *

black23s 12.08.11 - 12:27am
To howm it may conceren i haf proplem in ing its that my to fat nd long it may hurts any puzy so any lady to slep with her must be fat enough to fit with my fat kok *

loka2435 21.09.12 - 05:28pm
Hey any girl wanna have some fun ;) send me msg *

eraryan3710 1.12.13 - 08:50pm
http://www.theweeklypay.com/index.php?share=151895 *

ash4frnd 17.01.14 - 06:20pm
Hi bby r u on watsapp skype yahoo msnger tangoo line nimbuzz ebuddy wechat viber or kik add me +919883963456 *

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